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Enter the height and width of your walls above to work out how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. An extra 10% has been calculated to allow for any wastage and it is based on an average roll of wallpaper measuring 10m long and 53cm wide.

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How many rolls of wallpaper do I need?

One of the most common questions we have at Price Right Home is from parents decorating their children’s bedrooms or other rooms in the house, asking how many rolls of wallpaper they need to cover their room. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through decorating and finding that you don’t have enough wallpaper, or finishing the job with rolls to spare and no use for them. Without knowing standard wallpaper dimensions, getting the right amount can be difficult to calculate. Generally at Price Right Home, the Wallpaper we sell is 10 metres (32 feet) long and 53 centimetres (21 inches) wide so you get a fair amount of coverage per roll. However, working out how many rolls of wallpaper for one wall or a whole room becomes more difficult when factoring in windows, doors, overlapping patterns and repeating designs. This is where our wallpaper calculator comes in, taking all of the stress out of measuring wallpaper and meaning that you buy the exact number of wallpaper rolls the first time.


Using the wallpaper calculator chart

Measure your walls first to estimate how much you need. If you are planning on a feature wall or splitting your room decorating in half with a frieze, mural or wallpaper border, then don’t forget to measure up to your intended height where the wallpaper will come up to rather than the total height of the wall. Measure the walls in metres and make sure your tape measure is right into the corners. If there are walls in the room which are inaccessible due to furniture or shelving, use the length of the opposite wall which will be the same in rectangular rooms. To measure the windows, include the frame but always round up the size so that you can trim on the waste side of the paper.  Complete the form above to see how many rolls of wallpaper you will need for your wallpaper area, including the number of doors and your window dimensions. Once you know the rolls you need, take a look at our Wallpaper & Wall Décor section to purchase everything you need to decorate your rooms in the house in the latest trends and colours. Don’t forget that you may need backing paper depending on the type of wallpaper you buy and the condition of your walls. If you are updating your rooms entirely, you may be interested in our Bedroom Makeover Kits and matching Kids bedroom curtains.


Wallpapering tips

Before you decorate, take a photo of the room to help remember the exact placement of furniture after you have finished redecorating. Alternatively, use this as an opportunity to experiment with new layouts. In children’s bedrooms, wallpaper will also need to be quite heavyweight and hardwearing to cope with any damage or being wiped clean. Choosing wallpaper with a quality finish is also important so that the design does not fade over time in the sun, avoiding unsightly contrasts when furniture is moved around.