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Which toddler bed is best?

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Choosing the right toddler bed for your child can seem overwhelming with the amount of choice. Which is the best toddler bed for your needs? The truth is that different toddler beds are ideal for different children and homes. Everyone has needs and limitations, but once you know what to look for the perfect toddler bed is right around the corner (or on the next web page!). In this guide, we’re going to answer the burning parental questions to help you find the toddler bed that’s just right for your child.

How to build your toddler bed - it's easy with a click together system!

Assembling any type of bed can seem daunting. Headboards. Side panels and guard rails. Slats. And it’s an important job that needs to be done right – nobody wants to risk their child’s bed not being safe and secure. Secure click toddler beds take the strain out of putting up your child’s bed. The headboard and footboard simply click into place with the bed frame in seconds, but they don’t compromise on strength or safety. The secure click system removes the need for fiddly nails, screws and screwdrivers – and all the other bits in the tool box you borrowed from the father in law. With secure click toddler beds, giving your child the perfect sleeping setup isn’t as hard as you thought.

Click in to position assembly

How to assemble a secure click toddler bed...

We’ve included a video below with step by step instructions on how to assemble a no nails toddler bed.  With a secure click system, the bed is easy and quick to put together.


Shop the bed from the video - Our Butterflies Toddler Bed is only €135.99 with free next day UK delivery.

Small toddler beds to save space in your home…

For smaller homes, and rooms where space is at a premium, every inch is crucial. Toddler beds are designed to offer your little one the room to grow – but this doesn’t mean they have to crowd their room. Beds with built-in under-bed storage offer vital space for your little one’s toys and games plus spare sheets and bedding. And with all their favourites tucked away neatly under their bed, it leaves their room tidy and easy to maintain. Our Jungle Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage is a hit with boys and girls alike and comes with a choice of mattress options plus free next day UK delivery

Toddler beds are a compact and space-saving solution compared with single beds, without compromising on your child’s needs. With plenty of room for child to sleep comfortably, toddler beds also let them hop in and out of bed easily as they are low to the ground. With toddler bed dimensions measuring 140cm long by 70cm wide, this is easy to make room for compared to a standard single bed which measures 190cm long by 90 centimetres wide.

Compact and space saving toddler eds

Which toddler bed is best for which age?

Whether your child is 1 or 4 years old, toddler beds provide a long-lasting and comfortable sleeping setup. Toddler beds are 140cm long, by 70cm wide – offering plenty of room for your child to grow into over the years. Protective side panels keep your child safe, whether they’re simply rolling around, or at an age where they’re learning to get in and out of bed by themselves. When it comes to age, it is one-size-fits-all, with your toddler bed becoming an important part of their bedtime routine for years to come. 

Which toddler beds are best for sleepovers, grandchildren and occasional use?

Children love staying at Grandma’s house, but grandparents can’t always be expected to keep a large bed at home just for those sleepovers. Secure click toddler beds are an excellent choice for those looking to easily assemble and take apart a bed on these special occasions. Those concerned about size opt for compact toddler beds, which provide a comfortable night’s sleep without the larger space required by a single bed.

Grandparents may look to save on the cost of a bed, and will find a toddler bed to suit any budget or requirements. Why not opt for a plain white toddler bed to suit whoever's staying over and then add a toddler bed duvet cover for each child with their favourite character or theme?

Toddler beds for themed bedrooms

Your little one loves night time with their favourite characters. Find themed toddler beds that complement their room perfectly, with a range of your child’s favourite characters, colours and designs. Headboards and footboards are printed with characters and patterns, and many come with matching junior duvet cover sets. Discover an easy way to get your child excited about night time – with character toddler beds that make the ideal finishing touch to any themed bedroom.

Themed toddler beds, characters like mini mouse, spiderman, peppa pig, thoas the tank engine

Click the name to shop the photo! Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed | Peppa Pig Girls Toddler Bed | Disney Frozen Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage | Disney Cars Lightnight McQueen Toddler Bed | Minnie Mouse Bed

How do I find a toddler bed mattress?

Choosing a toddler bed mattress isn’t as difficult as often thought. Toddler bed mattresses are 140cm x 70cm, fitting your little one’s bed perfectly. Guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep for your child with a choice of three toddler bed mattress types – foam, deluxe foam or fully sprung. Your child’s toddler bed and mattress make the transition to a single bed effortless, for easy and enjoyable night times.

Toddler beds offer a space-saving, fun and safe way to ease your child into life in a single bed. Your little one loves their first taste of a grown-up bed – especially when it comes with their favourite characters and colours. Whatever your wants or worries, finding the perfect toddler bed for your child and home is simple when you know what’s out there. For more help with finding your ideal toddler bed and to search our range, click here.

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