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Choosing a Bed for your Toddler

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Toddler Bed or Single Bed?

When is my child old enough for a big bed?

Which kind of bed should I get for my child?

Giving your child a perfect night’s sleep isn’t always simple. As your little one grows, they outgrow their Moses Basket, their Crib or their Cot. Whether they become too tall, or need to be able to hop out of bed to use the toilet, their current option might not be ideal. At PriceRightHome, we believe every child should find comfort in their bed. And that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the right sleeping set-up for your child of any age. From baby beds to bunk beds, this handy infographic reveals the right kids bed for every age and stage.

Visual guide for choosing the best bed for your child


Moses baskets

Ideal for ages 0-3 months

From new born, Moses baskets give your little one the peaceful night’s sleep they need. Small, snug and handheld, you can carry your child in their Moses basket without disturbing them while they sleep. Keep your baby close at all times and by your side at night, fitting their Moses basket conveniently on a side table or stand. Moses baskets are compatible with rocking stands and mobiles, to gently sway your child to sleep when they’re restless. Save on assembly with Moses baskets, which come ready to use. Your little one sleeps soundly in a Moses basket for up to three months before it’s time to move onto a crib. 



Suitable for ages 3-6 months

Cribs offer the same space-saving benefits as Moses baskets – letting you keep your little one close at night. Your growing baby uses the extra room provided by a crib, while still enjoying a warm and cosy night’s sleep. Gently rock your baby to sleep in their crib, thanks to its lightweight and easily moveable design. Cribs are easy to assemble, coming in few parts to get your child comfortable in no time at all. Your crib will last until your little one is around six months old, or sooner if they start to roll or sit up. To create a calming and peaceful environment, try blackout blinds, night lights and cuddly comforters from our nursery range.


Cots/cot beds

For ages 6-18 months

Your happily rolling and shuffling child loves sleeping in a cot. Safe and sound, cots provide the stability of high sides – ideal for when your little one starts to experiment with movement. The safety of a cot means your child can begin sleeping in their own room for the first time, although cots are often compact enough to fit in your room without any worry. Find the perfect cot to suit any room, with a variety of sizes and shapes that include corner cots for space-saving homes. Cots provide more room for your growing child, and are suitable for little ones aged around six to eighteen months.


Toddler beds

For children from 18 months-4 years

Toddler beds are perfect for transitioning your little one from their cot to a grown-up bed. At 18 months old, it's the perfect age to move to a toddler bed. Children relish the fun and freedom of being able to get in and out of bed independently – while the lower height of the toddler bed from the floor guarantees their safety. Sturdy toddler bed side bars prevent your little one tumbling out so you both sleep easier. Many Price Right Home toddler beds come with easy-assembly designs that include secure click systems and require no screws or nails.

You’ll easily find a toddler bed for any little personality with themed toddler beds and character designs. Find a toddler bed with your child’s favourite TV or movie character, boys design or girls colour scheme and get them excited about bed time! And you won’t have to stress about the extra room taken up by a toddler bed, as many come with integrated under-bed storage space that is perfect for smaller bedrooms. Keep all their toys and games stored under-bed for easy access and a tidy bedroom! A toddler bed will keep your child happy from 18 months old to around 4 years, preparing them gently for life in a grown-up bed.


Single beds

Ages four and up

Single beds are ideal for older children – and offer the longevity to take your child into their teenage years and beyond. Your little one’s toddler bed prepared them for the transition, and at 4 years old and they are now excited for the extra room of their grown-up bed. These can come in traditional wooden bed frames, cabin beds to allow storage or play areas underneath the bed, bunk beds to double up on sleeping capacity, divan beds for ease of movement or day beds which can be used for seating as well. It's unlikely a child will grow out of a single bed any time soon but it is well worth keeping up to date with the latest single duvet covers and bedding to ensure designs are age appropriate and not embarassing. In fact, a new toddler bed makes a great 4th birthday present

Giving your child a perfect sleep is easy with Price Right Home. Help make the transition between beds simple with our guide, and find the perfect mattress and duvet set to pair with their toddler bed for added comfort. Click here to view our range of toddler beds, and for more information on how to choose a sleeping arrangement for your child, see our visual guide.

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